15,000 Zombies Later – Tirannwn Only Ultimate Ironman #19


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Music (In Order it Appears)
– Nightsong (Neal Acree)
– The Awakening (Patrick Patrikios)
– Dragontooth Island (OSRS Soundtrack)
– Dance of Melyr (OSRS Soundtrack)
– Born to do This II (James Hannigan)

What is This Series?
This account TirannwnOnly is restricted solely to the western lands of Tirannwn and the treacherous Underground Pass.
It is also restricted to the Ultimate Ironman game mode so it cannot use a bank or interact with other players to benefit itself.
If I happen to somehow die on this account in order to get back to Tirannwn to minimise both gear loss and the amount of time spent in the rest of Gielnor. I will use the minigame teleport to clan wars, take 3200gp from the Last Man Standing coffer and catch a charter ship back to Port Tyras.

More information about the game mode is available below

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Comments (35)
November 7, 2019

This is [email protected] Keep at this you legend, whatever been happening to you keep doing what you love and good things will come your way

November 7, 2019

You need a Nobel peace prize for patience

November 7, 2019

Wasn't sure about leaving a like… but then came the raking content!

November 7, 2019

8minutes in. Don’t skip! Something cool happends

November 7, 2019

area locked content: spend 2 hours researching the area, grind for 5 minutes and get stuck, then get 99 woodcutting while ACTUALLY researching what they need in the area

November 7, 2019

Great video as always mate! Best wishes and I hope all is well

November 7, 2019

*casually strolling past a decapitated elf head*

November 7, 2019

10/10 raking w33d content

November 7, 2019

I can only guess what that terrible news was..but regardless I hope you can get through this tough time bro.
I gotta say, this is probably my new favorite Ironman series! The strategies you have to form with your restrictions just blow my mind haha.
Stay you man, and good luck in future endeavors.

November 7, 2019

Damn that was some EPIC raking content! 😌

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