Alif Satar 2019 IRONMAN MALAYSIA – Episode 1 (ENGLISH SUBS)


I’ve put 1 year of training for this, i’ve sacrificed my time with my family, i’ve tried my best to squeeze in my training in between work and the time has come. I’m scared but i’ve expected it to be hard, i know what i’ll be facing. The Pain is real. Here’s the 1st of 2 episode for Ironman Langkawi 2019.

We would like to thank the 2019 Ironman Malaysia organizers for providing us the Drone footages.

If you’d like to see more cover songs from us, do drop a comment down below and we WILL try our best to pick that one special song you’d like to hear!

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Saxaphonist – @faliqauri #tiupwhistle
Bassist – @efryarwis
Guitarist – @Tamcobain
Drummer – @rajwan89
Band Manager – @shamsulidzwan


The team who produced this video –


All musics were licensed through #soundstripe

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December 26, 2019

napa org melayu ya selalu komen mesti tanya pasal solat.. ustaz kazim ckp..biar lah kita ambil berat dulu di sekeliling kita yg paling dekat cthnya keluarga atau saudara mara, nak mengingatkan c aliff ini..kamu ingat mak dan ayah dia x ade ke nak infrom..plz lah org malaya stop it..ala2 saya dri sabah salutzz btl dgn pencapaian aliff..dari segi kerjaya, kemasyarakatan, dan akidahnya..STOP OK..boring lah tanya benda yg sememngnya dia buat..

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