Alternate Iron Man Ending Would've Totally Changed The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's first post-credits scene almost looked into the franchise's future… way into the future. At the 2019 Saturn Awards, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige appeared in a brief video clip to share an alternate version of Iron Man's famous stinger with the crowd. It's probably for the best that they went with a simplified take, because if they had used the alternate, Marvel fans' heads would have exploded.

The clip is part of an apparent treasure drove of deleted scenes from the MCU that will be made available on the Infinity Saga box set, and it features a very different version of the speech Nick Fury gives to Tony Stark after surprising the billionaire at his home.

The original post-credits scene of Iron Man introduced audiences to Fury, and clued them in that, yes, all these Marvel movies were going to be connected.

Marvel comics die-hards went absolutely bananas over the reveal of Jackson as Fury and the teased possibility of an Avengers movie but the alternate version that Feige screened for fans would have had them freaking out exponentially harder. Here's the alternate line of dialogue that would have changed everything:

Wait — what?! The implication of the existence of Spider-Man and the X-Men in the MCU's very first film, no less would have blown fans out of their seats. Fury continues …

The “Who the hell are you?” exchange between Fury and Stark is the same as in the final version, but there's an additional exchange that is also new: Keep watching the video to see the alternate Iron Man ending would've totally changed the MCU!

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October 4, 2019

I like Tom Holland as Spiderman, but I hope Sony sh!ts the bed with it now. And the MCU continues to grow with the X-Men, and F4. Sad there were so many possibilities if Spidey was able to stay in the MCU. Damn corporate greed.

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