Captain America and Bucky vs Police | Captain America: Civil War (2016)

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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

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September 10, 2019

A great scene from a great mcu movie.

September 10, 2019

Sam is an absolute Don, he's always had Steve's back

September 10, 2019

Great movie phase 3

September 10, 2019

Co-op gameplay
Cap: you trying to keep good karma
Bucky: your friend trying to get bad karma

September 10, 2019

And to think between this scene and the last time they [knowingly] saw each other alive, they were fighting Germans.

September 11, 2019

Cap : Stop, Buck! You're gonna kill someone!
Winter Soldier : I'm not gonna kill anyone
Also Winter Soldier : Hits a German policeman in the chest with concrete at point blank

September 11, 2019

Cap- “Buck stop! You’re gonna kill someone.”

Bucky- “I’m not gonna kill anyone”

Few Hours later escapes captivity and murders dozens of security personnel

September 11, 2019

Directed by John Wick duo Chad Stahelski and David Leitch

September 11, 2019

Police: We have us a little situaaaaaaation.

September 11, 2019

0:19 This would've happened if Frank meets Daredevil again. But this time, with the black suit from Season 3

September 11, 2019

Thumbs-Up #73 I am, Tuesday late afternoon 10 September 2019! Friends to the end!

September 11, 2019

Hulk hates this scene because of where they are

September 12, 2019

Who would win?

A couple elite squads of the most Tactical and well trained enforcers


Two old bois

September 12, 2019



September 12, 2019

I think it’s cute how Bucky shields Steve with his metal hand and then Steve shields both with his shield at 1:59 – play it at .25 speed and you’ll see it better

Also the police were probably shocked to see Cap, I mean look at the one’s face at 2:43

I also love how they do the little music for Cap when he jumps down the railing at 2:44

September 12, 2019

Yea! Beat the shit outta those german police. Thatll teach em to arrest fathers protecting their daughters from muslim pedophiles.

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