Captain America: Civil War – SPOILER Talk

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters today, so let's dive into Spider-Man, battles, badassery, and other SPOILERS with this beast!

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May 16, 2019

11:17 he does later 🙂

May 22, 2019

I liked when cap told Spider-Man that he has heart

May 24, 2019

14:20 "Reality is often disappointing"…"I am…inevitable "

May 27, 2019

I was Team cap

May 28, 2019

There's also another point about the Sokovia Accords that I've not seen too many other people consider:

The ability to enforce the Accords is… dubious.

Think about it. The Accords are an agreement among nations- a treaty. Every single nation has rules in their constitution about how treaties are ratified in their governments. Take the United States, for example. ANY treaty MUST be ratified by a 2/3 majority vote in the US Senate in order to legally bind the United States to it. The US may have signed the Sokovia Accords, but if the 2016 MCU version of the US was any bit as politically turbulent as ours, I do not see that happening. Ergo, The Avengers could still legally operate within the United States until the Accords were ratified or not.

Also, the fact that Wanda Maximoff was placed under house arrest without her knowledge or a fair trial violates her civil rights. Any lawyer would look at that and immediately salivate at the chance to take up that case.

May 30, 2019

Yeah. Spider-Man returns. He'll have his own set of movies, dies in Infinity War and rides Mjolnir while carrying the gauntlet in the sequel.

June 2, 2019

Team Cap all the way, then and now still. But Tony's reaction to want to kill Bucky is totally justified as is Cap wanting to defend his brainwashed victim friend

June 9, 2019

I guess tony got to Reconcile with his dad now , it’s like the Russo brothers watch your videos 🤫

June 14, 2019

Nice infinity war predition ab vision

June 24, 2019

On a serious, non jokey/playful stance, I just can’t see anyone being straight on team Cap or team Iron Man’s side. Both guys had legitimate reasons on why the side they chose, both ideologically and emotionally.

June 26, 2019

I'll never not be amused by the people who think there was any argument at all for Tony's side of things.

June 28, 2019

Without zemo cap and iron man would not have fought

June 29, 2019

That Obama impersonation had me crying

July 6, 2019

Omg, this barrack impression was spot on

July 12, 2019

Favorite scene hands down is that whole scene when the soldiers invade buckys place all the way to that street chase scene with black panther

July 17, 2019

This movie was really good, but I didn’t enjoy watching it just because I’m so used to them all working together and stuff that seeing them fight amongst themselves made me feel they were giving into everything that they’d been trying to avoid. Regardless of the ending they pretty much lost because they made eachother the enemy….. we all know they’re better than that.

September 22, 2019

Best Obama impression ever

October 5, 2019

The way u closed it out with the little shield at the end. THAT WAS EPIC!

November 7, 2019

I have never seen those rings before haha

November 8, 2019

Hawkeye could have been removed from this movie I don't get why he was in this movie

November 8, 2019

Baron Zemo is a oslid villain

November 16, 2019

One of your best reviews.

November 17, 2019

It’s hard, I agree with Cap. I would ofcourse defend my brainwashed friend & I wouldn’t sign the accords. However, if someone killed my Mother… Brainwashed or not, they HAVE TO DIE & ANYONE WHO DEFENDS THEM WILL DIE.

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