Captain America Is The Father Of Peggy's Children (Avengers Endgame Theory)

Did Captain America Have Kids With Peggy Carter As Seen During Their Time Together In Marvel Avengers Endgame?

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There are many mysterious swirling around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of them we’ve always wondered is who exactly was Peggy Carter’s husband? In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we learned it was someone Steve Rogers had saved during the war, but that was about it. After finishing Avengers: Endgame, many believed it was possible Steve was actually the father of his ex-girlfriend's children.

Well, unlike many others, we got this theory confirmed by the writers of the movie! Thanks to the magic of the Quantum Realm and time travel, we know the paternity of these two characters, but, unfortunately, that’s absolutely all we know about them. Who are they and do they have any effect from the Super Soldier Serum? If he has kids of his own, why did Steve turn over the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson instead of one of his kids? Could one of them train to be the new Falcon or could we see them as more patriotic themed heroes like Jack Flag or Free Spirit? Just like every bit of Marvel movie information, it seems like, the more we know, the more we need to find out!

What are your thoughts on this slightly complicated family situation? Let us know what you think of this dilemma and share your predictions for the future, past and present of these characters in the MCU in the comments section below. When you’re finished, make sure to hit the subscribe button for more great videos from us here at CBR.


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Comments (40)
July 31, 2019

Let's not forget Steve Rogers children can also have kids so the grandkids of Captain America if you do the math during the time of endgame they would be around their 30s or twenties

August 3, 2019

I think that this theory is actually true now!!

August 3, 2019

Marvel studios listen up and use this idea.

August 3, 2019

If Captain America is the father it’s a real easy explanation. Everything that happened from the first avenger to endgame happened already and the captain America that fathered the children is not the captain America from the timeline we know but the timeline that came before

August 3, 2019

He probably was – in the parallel universe created when he went back in time. But he can't be in the timeline we have been watching because that would be a "Back to the Future" time travel scenario – and they went to great lengths to point out that wasn't how time travel worked in the MCU.

Changes to past events do not affect the current timeline. If they did, the entire premise of Endgame and Infinity War would come crashing down.

August 5, 2019

Pls reply carters childrens name

August 5, 2019

Is anyone going to talk about how Steve rogers made out with his niece in law

August 7, 2019

You mean if you go back in time you have to kill the other cap?

August 11, 2019

Are we to assume Steve figured out he was the father of Peggy’s kids before deciding to stay in the past? Otherwise Steve would be intentionally changing history for Peggy, her husband, and wiping out two people they produced together.

August 11, 2019

Its a predestination time travel for Cap so him existing double in the same timeline was meant to be. It really explains a lot like why the dad wasn’t in the family photo or how rest of the family didn’t know her secret husband.

Besides Peggy and the kids Steve must have lived a very secluded life in a safe house or something to avoid recognition and interference in the timeline.

I wonder if old Cap was really old looking or not. Steve needs to look old so no one suspects he is Captain America in the modern time.

Now that Endgame has Cap surviving at 123 years old will the general public be aware of the fact he stayed in the past and he made Falcon the new Captain America.

August 11, 2019

Easy.! The children were adopted, no DNA floating around.

August 12, 2019

Hahahaha Lucky me I french kissed my Niece.

August 14, 2019

So… he comited incest with Sharon…

August 27, 2019

At least his children gets a little super soldier serum in them maybe???
I wish I was Steve Roger's son

September 13, 2019

He married me, yes.
He helped me have kids, Yes.
He kissed MY NIECE, YES.

Am I gonna kill him, Yes.

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