Captain Marvel Steals Motorcycle Scene – CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) Movie CLIP HD


Movie Clip from Captain Marvel .

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August 5, 2019

Remember in Spider-Man 2 when Peter Parker had no powers but still ran into a burning building to save a scared little girl? When superheroes were actually… Heroes? Well, now a days an insanely egotistical third wave feminist can rip off an innocent bikers hand for flirting with her, and she's called a hero. What a world we live in.

August 9, 2019

So many people take this scene out of context & judge her as being a villain. This is because they are villainous themselves. She needed the bike to save worlds. No she cannot fly at this point. Don't be fucking dumb. Get the full info before you judge people

August 13, 2019

I Stand with The Don

August 16, 2019

This is a feminist's wet dream.

August 16, 2019

I Stand With the Don aswell

August 18, 2019

She’s a woman so it’s okay

August 21, 2019

T-800: Asks politely for equipment; only attacks because he is attacked.

Captain Marvel: Does not ask politely for equipment; attacks and threatens because someone flirted with her.


August 22, 2019

Lol WTF why are people overreacting like this?? People are acting like Captain Marvel killed an innocent man. She just landed on a planet she didn't know and needed transportation to reach her goal. And people are flipping because that's not what heros would do? Btw – breaking into someones house, destroying stuff that isn't yours, taking things that aren't yours – that's ALL cruel stuff, heros shouldn't do that, but guess what, every hero did that at some time.
I feel like it's just hate towards feminism.

August 22, 2019

Ahhhh a good glass of MALE TEARS 🥃 tastes good

August 24, 2019

So Captain Marvel is a common criminal with super powers? Ok!

August 28, 2019

So that’s where Sean went after getting out of the lake

August 29, 2019

1:00 Ah, Here we go the obligatory Marvel Shirtless scene.
bummer…So much for equality.

August 29, 2019

So many tears in the comments, aw I'm so sorry a female is depicted as stronger than you are, it is such a shame boo hoo

September 6, 2019

If I did half the shit that captain marvel did, I'd be buried six feet under in a federal prison

September 9, 2019

even i a death god knows their limits

September 9, 2019

Looking at this clip for an assignment. Lots of angry men here

September 22, 2019

Well she is a super villain after all. He's lucky that the psychopath Captain Marvel didn't kill him.

September 23, 2019


September 26, 2019

It's like they want us to hate her more

September 27, 2019


September 28, 2019

Yep, a bully, which is one of many reasons nobody likes her. 0:38

October 3, 2019

The first main event of the Don's life was when he met his future wife Becca. A few years after their marriage Don was conscripted to the American Military and sent to fight in the Vietnam War. During his time in Vietnam he didn't ever kill a Viet Cong soldier and is recorded to have saved 23 Vietnamese children by running into napalm soaked forests on several different occasions. Whilst he was away his wife Becca bought the motorcycle seen in Captain Marvel tor his retum. However she had cancer and died soon aner Don's tour The Don then used the money from Becca's life insurance to start the charity Don's Embrace and founded several orphanages which he works at full time, on top of this he also spends his free time volunteering for the fire department and at other orphan-based institutions. During the years after Becca's death Don was reluctant to engage in any romance and often wore his sunglasses as he was afraid of opening up. He would often ride his motorcycle and think of the good times he had with Becca. In 1995 he saw Vers and spent 2 minutes psyching himself up as he was nervous of exposing himself. When parking his motorcycle, Don noticed Vers reading a map and commented on her unusual' outfit, calling it a scuba suit. As Vers ignored him, Don then removed his helmet and approached her, pulling down her map to see her face. Seeing that she appeared to be annoyed he said "How 'bout a smile?" To this Captain Marvel put the map down and suggested a handshake. Ecstatic at how well it seemed to be going he accepted the handshake and introduced himself. Captain Marvel then electrocuted his hand and stole his motorcycle, the last reminder he had of his wife. Later that day due to the jury he had sustained to his hand he was unable to volunteer at the fire department and so was unable to prevent an orphanage burning down, killing 12 orphans. The Don is one of the few characters powerful enough to defeat Thanos however he does not believe in violence.
( copied from someone much smarter than myself )

October 11, 2019

Why do pro women movies have to be so anti male?

It is only a Sportster, a bike for wimps

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