Captain Marvel's Fake Hair in Endgame is Everything Wrong with the MCU

Captain Marvel had fake GCI'ed hair in Endgame during one of the reshoots. I think this represents everything wrong with the character within the MCU and it represents as a whole The MCU is on its way to making the same mistakes as Marvel Comics has with her character and others in the upcoming phase 4. Marvel comics art and writing went downhill after bringing in creatives who put agenda before good storytelling, same thing is happening to the MCU represented by Captain Marvel's fake CGI hair. Everything about her character is fake and forced. Bring on the Brie-Bots!
#CaptainMarvel #MCU #BrieLarson .

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October 3, 2019

Dafuq is the Zoe Quinn link you said would be in the description?

October 10, 2019

Big deal, hair cgi'd? Good grief, such drama

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