Doing Stunts From Captain America: Civil War (Marvel's Avengers)


I recreated the stunts from the Captain Americas Civil War with the avengers. I love the amount of stunts, parkour, freerunning there are in superhero movies recently. What movie should I try to do the stunts from next? A Marvel or a DC movie?

Jesse Baron β–Έ

Thank you to for letting us film here!

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Comments (42)
July 24, 2019

Why do you call it the flip side?😈

July 25, 2019

I think you should do guardians of the galaxy V.1next

July 28, 2019

Can u walk upside mid flip

August 6, 2019

Awesome dude

August 11, 2019

A triple backflip with a spin

August 15, 2019

1:15 at first it sounds like he said egg man

August 30, 2019

Ants man han

September 10, 2019

You are the bestπŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€Ÿ

September 23, 2019


September 26, 2019

anyone else watching in 2019?

October 2, 2019


October 14, 2019

I love all of your youtobe video and can you do as slip on a big on a big house

October 19, 2019


October 26, 2019

Nick when spider man does a front flip to higher ground he does a front flip 180

November 25, 2019

4:09 He said 'Antsman hand' 😹

November 29, 2019

Xim naruto

December 9, 2019

love captain America

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