Engineering of Iron Man Suit


In this video, the famous Iron Man suit is analysed from an Engineering point of view. The video tries to answer if the suit can be made with modern technology.

The suit is analysed structurally and thermally. The energy use of the suit has also been analysed.

For more details on how to make this suit, visit the following link:

Marvel Comic Universe
Yves Rossy Jetman
Daily Telegraph
Titan Fall
Electronics Arts
Avatar (2009)
Aliens (1986)
Iron Man (2008)

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December 19, 2019

With the energy analysis. You said helicopter blades. Well if some how we could invent a smaller version of one. We could put in the suit. And then create a high powered motor such would spin giving thrust to lift off the ground. And this would be done by charging the suit on a high power charger. Sort of like wireless charging but on a larger scale.

Ps. Sorry for the long comment

December 19, 2019

Any body watcing in 2019 after endgame😂😂😂😂

December 19, 2019

That was not a fission based reactor…. The arc reactor was fussion based reactor.

December 19, 2019

You are missing the main point. The whole point of his suit is that the power source is the arch reacter. It has plasma level energy that can generate Hughe power

December 19, 2019

Two things prevent an iron man suit from being made, an extremely powerful compact power source and generating thrust with out the need to burn fuel

December 19, 2019

Graphene battery can be used as it could charge faster and deliver the enough current for the suit.

December 19, 2019

You missed some features like AI , VR, bullets, nano particles, etc.,

December 19, 2019

In movie titanium alloy was said

December 19, 2019

His suit is made of a gold titanium alloy

December 19, 2019

I think one day nuclear energy will be use..well technology always improve right? So it is possible nuclear can be used

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