How the Russos Fixed Iron Man | Video Essay

Tony Stark is the godfather of the MCU, and this week we take a deep dive into analysing just how directors Joe and Anthony Russo made the character so compelling in Civil War and Infinity War.



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Comments (39)
October 17, 2019

Yeah, and then those fuckers killed him for no reason, and admitted on their official twitter that Wanda could kill Thanos herself and that there wasn't actually a reason to kill Tony.
Руссо сосать.

October 17, 2019

– Civil War is what happens when you got Thesis (cap/ironman), Antithesis (ironman/cap), but punch everyone before getting to Synthesis.

– The beauty of civil war is that not always people get to the best solution, and then they have to cope with the consequences of the one they got.
– Tony seeking Peter is the answer to "yeah, i can build a robot to protect the world, but robots loose the goal at some point. And the avengers are getting older"

October 17, 2019

"Best CGI fight in the MCU"

Captain America:
Hold My Mjolnir

October 17, 2019

Inevitably there gonna do a "the thing man" movie, and i think the duffer brothers should write it

October 17, 2019

Don`t you ever speak bad about Tony -_-

October 17, 2019

I definitely disagree that Tony needed to be "fixed", it was all just part of his amazingly in-depth character arc that spanned so many movies. It was an incredible journey and really was amazing to watch Tony grow and change so much between the first time we meet him in that Humvee all the way to when he snaps his fingers and literally saves the entire universe. I just wish I was excited for the next stage of the MCU, they're about to ruin everything by getting too political and going in an insanely progressive direction for no real natural reason.

October 17, 2019

I'd like to point out he wasn't trying to trigger a Hulk out. He expected that Banner wouldn't react, "You've really got a lid on it, don't you? What's your secret? Yoga? Bongos? A huge bag of weed?" Tony is the first person in a long time who wasn't actually scared of the Hulk, which was the key point of the scene. Consider the difference between Tony and Bruce vs Tasha and Bruce earlier in the movie.

October 17, 2019

Him: How could you not like Tony Stark?
Me: Flashbacks HE'S IIIIIIRRRROOOONNN MAAANNNNN, he's, a man, on a mission,…

October 17, 2019

I have personally disliked Tony Stark for a long time. Since way before the movies.

October 17, 2019

Isn't tony just becoming a better person over the entire saga .. this is more Fiege and the writers than the directors

October 17, 2019

1:43 dammit

October 17, 2019

I don't like civil war because Tony's entire motivation is based on the lady who's son died. I was confused because they DID avenge the lady's son; they killed Ultron.

I don't think she knows what avenge means.

October 17, 2019

I have a small penis and so my wife fucks black guys she meets on the Internet.

October 17, 2019

To be honest I think this is probably your worst review – you make many points about Tony's character and such thst have easily been explained in the comments as to why you were arguably wrong.

My main problem however is the idea that Iron Man was overpowered. In my personal opinion this isn't the case – In the first few Iron Man settings we see him get beaten around. But of course he did. He was using the first iterations of his suits. He had little to no experince with fighting and little tactical experince to know how to best utilise his suits abilities in combat…

On the otherhand by the Avengers and such Tony has had years to improve. His suits will have advanced alot – Afterall working on them basicly becomes his life. He will have learnt fighting techniques and figured out tactics that work well to make full ude of the potential of the suits whiles minimising the risk to him…

Despite all these improvements we still see him him take a beating.

Never mind the fact that the Iron Man suits are technology – They can be pushed to theoretically unlimited extents and capabilities – as far as the writers imagination and Tony's very impressive technolgical know how will take them. Where as, for example Captain America, will reach a physical singularity where he can't improve any further, bar his fighting techniques.

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