How to Build an Iron Man Helmet & Suit | 4-minute Summary | James Bruton

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This video shows the highlights of my four-year Iron Man suit and helmet build, showing some of the fabrication, mechanics, 3D printing and electronics involved.

For many, cosplaying Iron Man is a dream project and this will always be one of my favourite characters to cosplay. The arc reactor, unibeam, power suit and helmet all require an attention to detail to make them look good, hopefully that's what I achieved. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Former toy designer – designer of toys?! – current YouTube maker and general robotics, electrical and mechanical engineer, I'm a fan of everything 3D printable, doing it yourself and being a creative-of-all-trades.

My channel is where I share some of my useful and not-so-useful inventions, designs and maker advice. Iron-Man is my go-to cosplay, and 3D printing can solve most issues – broken bolts, missing parts, world hunger, you name it…

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Comments (35)
October 11, 2019


October 11, 2019


October 11, 2019

Oh my good

October 11, 2019

You are the next iron man

October 11, 2019


October 11, 2019

U are amazing i love your work ,i wish i had the money to get the tools ,for my arts and crafts… I make toys myself and muppets. I remember when i was as good as u now i just turn 50 lost my mom's and older brother i have a beautiful girlfriend love the crap out of her … All my life i had it hard well kid i could talk to ya.all day , i just want u to know i 💘 your work .. My our god keep blessing ya son .

October 11, 2019

Tarde 44 dias en haser lo 😓

October 11, 2019

You is not strong !!!😂😂😂😂

October 11, 2019


October 11, 2019

You should do a war machine one

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