Iron Man 3 Official Trailer (2013) Marvel Movie HD

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Iron Man 3 Official Trailer (2013) Marvel Movie HD

The plot is unknown at this time. Rumor has it Tony Stark/Iron Man will head to China to face his toughest opponent, Mandarin.

Robert Downey Jr.:
Guy Pearce:
Gwyneth Paltrow:
Paul Bettany:
Ben Kingsley:
Jon Favreau:
Rebecca Hall:
Don Cheadle:

Shane Black:

Jon Favreau:
Charles Newirth:
Stan Lee:
Lars P. Winther:
Victoria Alonso
Kevin Feige:
Dan Mintz
Louis D'Esposito:

Jack Kirby
Stan Lee:
Don Heck:
Larry Lieber:
Drew Pearce
Shane Black:

Jeffrey Ford:

John Toll:

Brian Tyler:

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Comments (28)
November 9, 2019

The biggest let down of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies.

November 9, 2019

I remember the expectations I had the first time I watched this trailer. Finally we would get to see the Mandarin; Iron Man's arch nemesis. I started to imagine the epic battle between these two iconic characters on screen. Not just a physical, but a psychological one as well. What the movie ended up as was a complete joke of a failure that offered none of the above. They took the huge potential with the Mandarin, pissed on its face and flushed it down the drain. Don't give me the box office argument. It's irrelevant to film quality.

I actually thought Marvel had learned their lesson with Iron Man 2, and were finally gonna release a good Iron Man film again. Well, from the positive side of things, it's not too late to not make Iron Man 4 another lolcow.

November 9, 2019

I loved everything about this film apart from the Mandarin twist. Like seriously… They were doing so well! I was terrified of the Mandarin when I watched this, and they just turned him into a joke. Such a waste of Ben Kingley's talent. He looked so good up until that point.

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