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And we're finally done!

I always brushed off the comments when people said that this theme was the best of the MCU, but now that I've lived and breathed it for the last week, I completely agree. All of the other Marvel themes have gone for an epic, or heroic feel to it, but the only word to describe this one is, cool. It's by far the coolest theme, you can't help but get into it and start headbanging, and it really suits exactly what the first Iron Man movie was.

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Comments (33)
October 30, 2019

He almost could escape from some terrorists and 15 years later he defeat one of the most powerfull man in all the universe… That's so crazy and awesome jejeje

October 30, 2019

I love that 3000

October 30, 2019

ILU 3000

October 30, 2019

you don't have to but can u put the tab down THAT IS FREE because i really want to learn this and many other guitar songs of yours

October 30, 2019

Who is here after endgame

October 30, 2019

Its a… flight stabalizer. its completely harmless * sends self flying into wall* didnt expect that

October 30, 2019

Ramin Djawadi play Iron Man theme more better than play the Game of Thrones theme .

October 30, 2019

Hey great job man!!

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