Ironman Kona: Race Predictions with Dave Scott

Ironman Kona: Racing in Kona with Dave Scott. An interview with 6 time world champion Dave Scott about racing in Kona including a look back at his experience when he raced and his competition with Mark Allen. Also, how athletes prepare mentally and physically, what to expect when racing on the big island and observations on the pro triathletes competing this year.

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October 14, 2019

The status of triathletes in German,carbohydrates in grocery stores,funny, they’re household names here. Cycling is a culture here,in my Germany. Americans did great in the worlds but those guys aren’t household names. I leaned to ride in German,after 25 years on American roads, I truly had no idea. Motor passing, which is how you evolve to be fast,involves,everyone behind the wheel of a car,as in they know,,understand .Patrick’s focus comes from cycling,I’d say,as in those who do well in the big four are also runs most of the season,riding in the peloton.
The questions asked about the tri in Germany,as in who owns tri’s,what’s the cost of expansion in places like China,I can talk with most about that issue on the bike and others,I know you know(the elephant in the room).

October 14, 2019

The look on Dave's face at 9:10 is priceless…

October 14, 2019

Patrick Lange is carbed to the gills.

October 14, 2019

Great interview Taren! That got tense at 9:30 glad you were able to crack a joke And not get swayed by his passive aggressive comment.

October 14, 2019

The anvil of mortality, Dave is a God. Well done you,thanks.

October 14, 2019

Had the honour of racing with Dave Scott, Mark Allen , Scott Tinley way back when you taped bananas and figs to your top tube, and sometimes wonder what times they would do with the aero bikes available nowadays, they swam and ran times which would win today., Great interview and good luck to everyone racing at Kona.

October 14, 2019

"Calories in vs calories out is bogus" complete rubbish Dave

October 14, 2019

I love these interviews with all these legends. I vote Taren the President of cool.

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