Is Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Possible? | StarTalk


Neil uses physics to talk about the feasibility of Iron Man’s super power, the Arc Reactor.
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Is Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Possible? | StarTalk

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Comments (31)
December 29, 2019

Tony would probably say: Laws are meant to be broken. 😂

December 29, 2019

Perhaps Tony's thrusters can act as an exhaust for all the heat
Im a dummy tho so i know nothing

December 29, 2019

Wait isnt it that guy that's in brain games

December 29, 2019

Yes it is possible with the energy of plasma gases

December 29, 2019

cold fusion reactor:- no harmful radiation
heat generated is moderate sometines low sometimes high.
if you know how yo control cold fusion then arc reactor can made

December 29, 2019

still soo many secrets in the universe we don't know, there are infinite exceptions, just no enough crazy scientists like Nikola Tesla and Einstein this age, but what was magic 1000 years ago is just obvious now

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