Lego Captain America: Civil War Part 2


Part 1:

“Captain America: Civil War” the 3rd and Final Film in the Captain America trilogy just hit theatres. And it was AMAZING! In celebration I've made this video to show my love for the film. Captain America is my favourite hero and I absolutely loved the movie! Have you seen it, if so comment your thoughts and I hope you enjoy this 5 minute Action Packed Brickfilm! Thank you guys so much for all the support and 70,000 SUBSCRIBERS! It was actually the 2 Year Anniversary of this channel on May 12th I can't believe I forgot lol. Cheers and have a great day!

This video is a collaboration with Joebor1777 this video is Part 2 of a Civil War storyline, check out his channel for Part 1-

Thanks to my pal, my buddy my Buck- i mean Phasebrick01 for helping out with the SFX-

My Custom Captain America: Civil War Crossbones Figure!-

Co-Produced by eggyolk2002 & Emilstudios73-

Check out eggyolk2002's Civil War Video!-

I actually uploaded this whole video earlier by accident on my second channel with no sound. Whoops. If you saw it, uh, lol watch this one cause it actually has sound XD

More Action-Packed MARVEL Brickfilms!-

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Thanks for watching, stay tuned for Lego Kylo Ren v Finn & Rey (I swear it's coming guys) and Lego Captain America: Reinstated COMING! Also for 70,000 Subscribers and over 49 Million views! Be sure to Like, Comment, Share and SUBSCRIBE!

You know what time it is if you read these.

Joke time.

What is the difference between ‘Kylo Ren v Finn & Rey' and ‘JLS Ep.4'…

Nothing. They both don't exist.


Haha Bye.

Please don't hurt me…

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