Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War: Vision Review


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Comments (2)
October 18, 2019

Vision it's a cool figure very light figure compared to Infinity War Infinity War Vision it's very dark Sue like dark green and and the face it's like really a bit light in a bit dark but yeah all I know is that a that vision is super awesome and yeah I like how it looks I mean I just really wish if there was the same set like you know that a finity War Vision to put it on that box cuz you will know it's the same vision figure but it's okay cuz you know what it is it really does not matter cuz it's the same vision from Silver War and the infinity War I know there's different but still though it's it's an awesome Vision that's all I got to say but yeah Undertaker relation that looks good and then you can take off the cape and yeah it's just a very cool Vision figure but yeah and yeah I did not hear like any issues about having issues about that build a figure for bro Thor but if you're thinking to buy another heindorff that will be a better piece of the leg and the other leg I don't know what you could do with it but if anything you're just I don't know just leave it there like really doesn't matter all I know is that bro Thor you know like it's going to be coming soon so yeah but yeah I love the vision figure and looks very cool very cool detail I like it and yeah so I got to give it to Vision because you know what Vision has to be the only figure out of the build a figure and it is awesome and I got to give it to Valkyrie and Iron Man Mark 85 and also War Machine cuz I love the paint job out of that war machine it kind of reminds me that Iron Man 3 but it's different than that but yeah and I also got to give it to Thor his friend you know that guy with the sword like it's a very cool figure but yeah all I know is that a I can't wait for bro Thor cuz that is the next review that he will do it but yeah it's just a very cool Vision figure and yeah but yeah it's a very cool from all the sets of the Avengers endgame and just a very cool all the set of Avengers endgame but keep on collecting it and I'll keep on collecting more Marvel Legends so yeah

October 22, 2019

Awesome video and awesome figure! It would of been cool if they included like a beaming effect to attach to his forehead!

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