Marvel Mania Day 44 | Captain America: Civil War


Watch Civil War with Captain Logan, Eric, and Sarah! .

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August 18, 2017

and captain America say, "go to hell all of you. idiot".

December 19, 2017

It happens at either 51-21 or 51-31 in tha movie itself when War Machine congratulates Capt America on becoming a criminal|
This is the 2nd present day film based mainly on tha Cap'n/has only his name in tha title where he becomes a fugitive at some point therein|

February 15, 2018

I was with Cap the whole movie till that Tony saw how his parents died. I wouldn't care if he wasn't in control of his mind I found out they were murdered. As rational as I am, in Tony's shoes(or suit) I would've gone off on Bucky and so help anyone who got in my way

February 21, 2018

Well the reason Zemo doesn't just send the information to Tony is because he doesn't have it…until he gets to the base in Siberia…which requires debriefing the Winter Soldier…which means getting Bucky out in the open…which means tracking down that journal…which he learned about from the files Black Widow leaked onto the internet…which he was motivated to find after his family died in Sokovia.

So while it is intricate in hindsight, it's just the steps a highly trained and highly motivated individual had to take in order to accomplish his goal.

April 2, 2018

Civil War is good, in my view. A good MCU movie. However, it is inconsistent. Not so much in how it tells its story but more with its themes that it explores. As it was pointed out by someone else, the backbone of the film is about heroes going into conflict with other heroes because of their ideological differences. However, that whole theme never lives up to its full potential, and it rather gets destroyed with the ending, in which Iron Man gets pissed at Bucky and Steve for, albeit justifiable, but personal reasons. I don't think that it was the right decision to end movie on that note – with heroes splitting up because of personal gripes instead of idealogical ones. Which isn't the first time this happens in an MCU movie. Iron Man 3 had as much of a self-contradictory ending when it threw all of its chit-chat about "hero without the suit" and had an ending with three dozens Iron Man suits flying around and saving Tony Stark's ass again.

October 30, 2018

To the point about why Tony would go to a kid, and how legal that might be, the Sokovia accords is a global agreement, and other parts of the world set the adult age at a lower number than here. It could be that if any part of the accords-fearing world you are considered an adult, you fall under the accords.

February 26, 2019

One of the best mcu movies

October 21, 2019

Actually the invasion on new york could be argued to have been thors inderect doing with him being loki's brother who he hates, ultron happrnd beacuse of wanda and tony , and the only reason crosbones could detonate his vest was because steve froze. So the avengers have caused their fair share of problems.

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