Naruto Shinobi Striker ALL DLC Characters (LEAKED)


Naruto Shinobi Striker ALL DLC (LEAKED)
this shows the season pass and all the dlc to come this is not 100 percent accurate but is still reliable. .(tagsToTranslate)Naruto Shinobi Striker ALL DLC (LEAKED)(t)naruto to boruto shinobi striker(t)naruto(t)shinobi striker all dlc(t)d;c(t)dlc(t)season pass(t)tsunade(t)madara(t)hashimara(t)1st hokage(t)2nd hokage(t)3rd hokage(t)4th hokage(t)fourth hokage(t)jiraya(t)orichimaru(t)killer bee(t)ino(t)all dlc(t)new jutsus(t)new weapons(t)new accesoris(t)new dlc charachters leaked


Comments (29)
October 30, 2019

I’ll be upset if they don’t add Gale Style: Laser Circus for ranged

October 30, 2019

They better add Zabuza

October 30, 2019

They have to add people from the boruto series; they all can’t be just from naruto

October 30, 2019


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