Naruto Shippuuden OST 2 – Track 17: Guren

Finnaly OST 2 is out!! Go check out my channel, and watch my other soundtracks. This is OST 2 with english names, and not japanese, i uploaded OST 2 in japanese but didnt delete it. This one is english, and track numbers, so it could be easier to find. I hope you like it, comment, rate, subscribe and ENJOY the rest of it! .


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November 4, 2019

He does have control over the 6 tails
I would have you used my bijuu powers

November 4, 2019

okay… you have a steel bubble blower and a scroll. The kirigakure ANBU are after you. You are running away. You can use bubbles as projectiles for self-protection and weapons and nothing else. You have no control over Saiken, The Rokubi/Six tails sealed inside you… WHAT ELSE WOULD HE HAVE USED

November 4, 2019


November 4, 2019

oh true it is.
well it's called Guren so I thought it was just on that, but yea i remember it was on both.

Anyway any idea when the fillers are ending? haha

November 4, 2019

actually, since this song is in both of the two fillers in question, it's a bit confusing which one you're speaking of…

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