Naruto The Abridged Comedy Spoof Series (LittleKuriboh)

This was made by LittleKuriboh (a.k.a. CardGamesFTW/Ninjabridge)

I reuploaded this video when it got taken down on his main account. A couple months later, he put it on his new backup account, Ninjabridge. Don't sub to this channel because of this video. I will not be uploading any more of his Naruto material here.

Since I am not LittleKuriboh, and therefore don't much care what you guys think of this video (no offense), and because I hate getting pestered with emails about comments on this video, the comments have been disabled.

If you like Abridged series, you may like my Death Note Abridged series, which can be found on my main YouTube account,
Also, if you haven't seen a Death Note Abridged before, you may be interested in the mainstream one, which is located at .(tagsToTranslate)littlekuriboh(t)spoof(t)comedy(t)fandub(t)series(t)cardgamesftw(t)naruto


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