Naruto vs Gaara Full fight English Dub

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November 16, 2019

Earlier this same day people wre thinking Naruto would fail against Neji. And here he is, summoning the Chief Toad and giving the business to the first tailed beast. Everybody in the village is a bitch compared to Naruto, except Hinata, she's the loyal babe who knew Naruto had it all along.

November 16, 2019

43:06 Headbutt. 😲

November 16, 2019

and people REALLY think boruto can beat naruto.

naruto WITHOUT ANY BOOST from kurama, beat the shit out of garra 1 tail form with 2k freaking over 300 clones

November 16, 2019

And this is the day sasuke doesn’t openly admit out loud naruto is better than him, but he starts to realize it

November 16, 2019

Man this was so amazing

November 16, 2019

Should have been made Jounin

Let’s be honest – No one in the chunins contest can stop this Naruto. NO ONE

Sakura after this fight: Thank you Sasuke! 😒

November 16, 2019

Bruh Garaa has a sadder backstory than naruto

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