Samurai Exchange Student | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


Ep 137: Sumire is moving away and the replacement on Wasabi and Namida’s team is a samurai exchange student from the land of iron, Tsubaki Kurogane! Watch BORUTO on Crunchyroll for FREE:

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Comments (29)
December 29, 2019

This show looks more like PokΓ©mon with every passing episode. It’s too β€˜cartoony’, overly polished

December 29, 2019

this is the true seed of rock lee

December 29, 2019

Sweet Jesus this girl's eyes are HIDEOUS OH God save me from this abomination oh gosh no no no I can't look at it

December 29, 2019

To bad we not gonna see sumire anymore.

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