Spider-Man's Giant Robot (Japanese Spider-Man) – The Underground Critics

In this episode of The Underground Critics, Alfredo and Chason watch and discuss the first two episodes of the 1978 Japanese Spider-Man TV Series. He has a giant robot in it and you pretty much need to know nothing else. Is it worth watching?

(Re-uploaded due to an audio issue)

The Underground Critics is a web series in which some guy named Alfredo and a guest watch and discuss obscure pieces of content related to some of the biggest names in pop culture and give their thoughts on whether or not they are worth seeking out.

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If you have any suggestions for things we should watch, please leave them in the comments. .(tagsToTranslate)spider-man(t)spiderman(t)supaidaman(t)spider-man: homecoming(t)spiderman:homecoming(t)japanese spider-man(t)japanese spiderman(t)tom holland(t)power rangers(t)super sentai(t)megazord(t)leopardon(t)marveler(t)marvel(t)emissary from hell(t)sentai(t)kamen rider(t)voltron(t)japan(t)korea(t)giant robot(t)mech(t)giant mech(t)turboboner(t)the underground critics(t)tuc(t)tickle(t)nerd(t)pop culture


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