The Evolution of Captain America (Animated)

The Evolution of Captain America (Animated) sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends: Install for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program.

Captain America has been through a shocking amount of changes on film, from the pudgy 1944 Serial, to the 1970's daredevil, and the burly Chris Evans MCU take on the character, let's go through the Evolution of Captain America's looks, costuming and story…animated!

*Note: If a suit is a repeat then I don't mention it again (AKA how he wears his Winter Soldier suit again in Endgame, or how Loki impersonates him wearing his Avenger's suit in Thor 2, etc. Would have bogged down the animation with too much of the same information, Cheers!)

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Script, Design and Animation:
Aaron Lecours

Additional Animation:
Charles D. Jones

Stanton Nichols

Music Used:

Opening Stinger:
Enuff Para Mi – Jingle Punks

Video: Leisure by Musicspace (Licensed through Audiojungle)

End Slate:
Disco Cat – Komiku

Main Theme for RAID: Shadow Legends

Sounds found on Freesounds, credits:
train passing close right to left by inspectorj
wormholestretch by noisecollector


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September 27, 2019

Can you do iron man ?

September 28, 2019

evolution of iron man

September 28, 2019

Can you do an evolution of Thor

September 28, 2019

Make a Thor Evolution

September 28, 2019

I♡ Cap

September 29, 2019

Please make an evolution of Thor

September 29, 2019

Can you do the evolution of Iron Man

September 29, 2019

Do Ironman please

September 29, 2019

You should do iron man

September 30, 2019

Do a iron man

September 30, 2019

*This happened on May 3*When I saw this video Saw it Saw that I had spoilers I came back watched endgame And then watched this awesome video

September 30, 2019

Do thor evolution

September 30, 2019

do ob one cnobey

October 1, 2019

Super man or thor

October 1, 2019

Pls do of Thor

October 1, 2019

4:46 after thanos snap is reversed

He used a uno reverse card

October 2, 2019


October 2, 2019

Can we have a evolution Of Thanos?

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