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Tim Don is a three-time British Olympian and World Champion in triathlon and duathlon.

Immediately prior to the IRONMAN World Championship in October 2017 – a year in which he had set a new IRONMAN World Record in Brazil – Tim’s dreams were broken, literally, following a bike crash when a car turned in front of him.

A broken neck would lead to three months of rehab in the now infamous ‘Halo’ device.

00:00 Trailer.
04:06 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:41 Brian’s introduction.
07:35 Tim’s made Colorado his home, but where is his heart?
08:32 Training in -15o..
09:40 Tim’s advice for Brian’s own Ironman challenge in Chattanooga.
17:53 Tim’s passion for triathlon shines through, how and why he got into the sport.
23:19 Tim likes going to uncomfortable places.
25:05 The type of people who are attracted to doing triathlons.
26:10 Explanation of what a triathlon is and the training required for three different disciplines.
31:38 Winning Junior World Championships and joy of going to the Olympics.
34:12 The dedication and highs and lows of being an Olympic athlete.
37:14 Tim’s family are his rock and balance.
38:12 Why Tim transitioned into Ironman.
41:34 The 7 hours 40 minutes resulting in the surprise world record.
47:55 Disaster strikes.
56:43 It was brutal medieval torture.
1:02:46 Living day to day not knowing whether he would race again.
1:07:37 Back on the treadmill with a difference.
1:09:32 The challenges on the way to recovery.
1;13;39 Why he has chosen to run the Boston marathon and his next focus.
1:18:29 What he hopes people will take from watching The Man with the Halo.
1:24:16 What is Tim’s super power?
1:25:20 Success secrets.
1:25:46 Was does the future hold for Tim?
1:27:11 What scares him.
1:28:04 Best and worst days of his life.
1:29:50 Phone call to the 20-year old Tim.
1:30:24 Best advice ever received.
1:31:47 Advice to the young person watching.
1:32:33 Brian’s summing up.

Tim Don website

Tim Don on Twitter

Tim Don on Facebook

Tim Don on Instagram

Tim Don The Man with the Halo (documentary trailer)

Tim Don on Wikipedia

Topics discussed:
Ironman Triathlon


Hangman’s Fracture

Boston Marathon

Boulder, Colorado

Chattanooga Ironman

British Triathlon

Ironman World Championship

Alter-G treadmill

People mentioned in this episode:
John Joseph

Stuart Hayes

Mo Farah

Rich Roll

Iván Raña

Steve Redgrave

Brent McMahon

Dr Villavicencio

Paula Radcliffe

Chris McCormack

Music by Eeph – Omission:
Dj Sadhu

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December 14, 2019


December 14, 2019

Which music is this at the end ?….It is very good.

December 14, 2019

Damn first time I've seen that intro- this ironman pursuit was a great decision.

December 14, 2019


December 14, 2019

Brian c'mon u the man to DO IT!

December 14, 2019


December 14, 2019

Thank you for this.

December 14, 2019

great content!

December 14, 2019


December 14, 2019


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