Why I made an Iron Man Suit – 16-year old Tony Stark builds homemade Mark III Armor

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16-year old Tony Stark builds Iron Man suit

“Crazyrad” — Documentary by Red Futon Films

Meet Iron Man suit builder Jackson Laverman

My first suit of armor started with foam camping mats held together with twine and painted black. Needless to say, it looked ridiculous. But that's where it started.

My journey toward Iron Man happened after looking at the costumes other people had made, in particular armor from the Halo videogame series. I scoured the internet looking for ways to build a suit, and found a community called the 405th Infantry Division at 405th.com. There I found designs, methods, and tutorials to create a suit of armor.

– Jackson Laverman


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Jackson Laverman on Facebook

Red Futon Films – Jay JR Friesen

The 405th

Billings Gazette Article on Jackson Laverman



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December 28, 2019

(Waste of time)Then that's not a true friend if they don't respect your dreams. Real friends support you for what you do, do us a favor bro and lose those toxic neagtive people in your life. Do what you want to do I think your awesome for that.

December 28, 2019

And I… am… Iron Man…

December 28, 2019

So sad that he dressed like that not knowing iron man 2 was really bad

December 28, 2019

It looks like iron mans retarded brother

December 28, 2019

Did you solve the icing problem?

December 28, 2019

Out grows it*

December 28, 2019

So who’s going to tell him…?

December 28, 2019

LOL the face looks so funny.

December 28, 2019

Okay, im not tryna be an asshole or a smart-ass, but theres other people that made it way better than he did, and iirc they also did it as a passion project alone. Nice job amyways

December 28, 2019

Ik he cried after watching endgame

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