Woolie VS Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Chapter 4)

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November 23, 2019

what is up with every single woman in this universe wanting to suck Sasuke's dick?
Like what is the thought process, "mmmhmmm, he's such a brooding edgy bad boy. Such an aloof man, I loooove the way he ignores me, and pretends I don't exist. I want him to use me and then throw me away"

November 23, 2019

36:55 I couldn't find a source for this particular detail in my very surface level search, but I'm fairly sure that fox spirits like the nine-tails do start with less tails. They start with one tail, and gain a tail for every century of life up to a total of nine at the turn of the millenium, and the amount of tails they have corresponds to their power. So it's not unusual to have fox characters with less than nine tails, though this is definitely the first time I've heard of having ten, which just makes it sound stupid to me. Also looks like a pretty uninspired design, since it's practically just a one-eyed blob monster with ten tails. A child could draw that. Maybe it'll turn out to canonically be some kind of abomination of nature for all I know, since these fox spirits are only ever meant to have nine tails at maximum.

Edit: I should probably add, but this detail of more tails=more power is of course why Naruto's fox form gains more tails the more power he exhibits when using it.

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